Herzmann Martin

Business Development Manager at Kumovis GmbH 

Martin Herzmann started his medtech career in 1999 at Brainlab and was responsible for preoperative planning software. In 2007 he joined Ziehm Imaging and worked for another eight years as Marketing Director for medical capital equipment. In 2015, he joined the Materialise Medical division as Sales Manager and was responsible for German-speaking market of pre-op planning software, segmentation and printing services for medical 3D printing. 

In 2019, Martin Herzmann joined Kumovis as Business Development Manager. The company enables medical device companies and hospitals to manufacture 3D printed implants, instruments and guides following regulatory standards and norms. Kumovis has a clear focus on medical 3D printing with high-performance polymers and biodegradable polymers.  

Title of Talk 
 Regulatory requirements for 3D printed cranial implants and other clinical applications  

3D printing naturally is linked to “freedom of design” and “rapid prototyping”. However, when it comes to medical 3D printing the freedom is replaced by regulatory guidelines and norms and the speed of rapid prototyping slows down as we talk about patient care and long-term-usage of surgical implants. 

The presentation will give an overview about norms and standards applied for medical 3D printing and use the example of cranial plate manufacturing with PEEK. Kumovis will take you on a journey through medical regulations, requirements and quality controls. Learn about the necessity of quality standards and experience how to overcome these – for the sake of patient safety.