M3d+it 2019

December 6- Additive Manufacturing in Medicine


13:00-13:30 Additive Manufacturing in Medicine – Opening session
Welcome from Chairs and the Vice-Rector for Research at the Medical University of Vienna
Keynote 1: The role of 3D printing in the Hospital; experiences and view from the University Medical Centre Utrecht
Joris Jaspers UMC Utrecht



13:30-14:30 Session 1: Additive manufacturing R&D technology (Research)
Chairs: Zoltan Major, JKU and Jenny Dankelman, TU Delft
Bio-inspired microneedles for efficient drug/vaccine coating made by 2-PP
Johannes Heitz, JKU Linz
Soft 3D mechanical metamaterial
Sharam Janbaz, TU Delft
Human placenta and bioinks for tissue engineering
Karl Schneider, MedUni Wien
Biofunctional polymer implants via additive manufacturing for craniomaxillofacial surgery
Clemens Holzer, Montanuniversität Leoben
Bioplotting cartilage with hydrogels – a framework
Daniel Seitz, BioMed Center Innovation Bayreuth



14:30-16:00 Session 2: Additive manufacturing  R&D technology (Industry)
Chairs: Jürgen Stampfl, TU Wien and Dieter Pahr, KLU Krems
Two photon-polymerization to the next level
Markus Lunzer, UpNano
Medical Innovation and technology: Use of AM from concept to manufacturing and clinical testing
Filip Jelinek, ACMIT
3D-metal-printing new defined
Peter Jain, Desktop Metal
Surgical implants in Ti6Al4V and CoCr28Mo6: quality requirements
Philip Oris, SLM Solutions
3D Printing inside the hospital – benefits of printing in-house
Christoph Trautner, Materialise
PEEK implants printed in clean room environment – current applications and outlook
Stefan Leonhardt, Kumovis
LCM – the solution for additive manufacturing of ceramics
Sandra Balnik, Lithoz


16:00-16:30 Coffee Break


16:30-16:55 Keynote 2: Utilization of 3D models and simulation for pre-procedural planning and education
Tinen Iles, University of Minnesota


16:55-18:00 Session 3: Clinical use-cases of additive manufacturing
Chairs: Emir Benca, MedUni Wien and Ewald Unger, MedUni Wien
Models and Simulations in neonatology
Michael Wagner, MedUni Wien
Application of 3D Printing in veterinary medicine
Doris Baumgartner, VetMed Wien
3D Printing for Cardiovascular Research
Martin Stoiber, MedUni Wien
Surgical planning in craniomaxillofacial surgery
Daniel Holzinger, MedUni Wien
(Color coded) 3D-printing in neurosurgery
Wolfgang Recheis, Tiroler Kliniken


18:00-18:40 Session 4: Medical Additive Manufacturing Projects in Austria
Chair: Elena Guillen, PROFACTOR
M3dRES – Additive Manufacturing for M3dical RESearch
Francesco Moscato, MedUni Wien
MEDUSA – Medical EDUcation in Surgical Aneurysm clipping
Zoltan Major, JKU Linz
CAMed – Clinical additive manufacturing for medical applications
Ute Schäfer, MedUni Graz
FAM-3D – Functional Anatomical Models with 3D Printing
Andrea Lorenz, ACMIT


19:30 Dinner at Heuriger Hengl-Haselbrunner: Iglaseegasse 10, 1190 Vienna (for registered participants only)


December 7- Design of Medical Devices Europe


09:00 Development of Medical Devices Europe – Opening session
Welcome from the Chairs


09:05-10:30 Session 5: Medical device design, a paradigm shift through additive manufacturing
Chairs: Joris Jaspers, UMC Utrecht and Tinen L Iles, University of Minnesota
Optimized printing setup for AM of ceramics
Maria Bordeus, ACMIT
Patient-specific applicator for brachytherapy
Nick van de Berg, TU Delft
Non-assembly 3D printed mechanism for eye surgery instruments
Kirsten Lussenberg, TU Delft
3D Printed models for medical device development
Gunpreet Oberoi, MedUni Wien
Clinical applications of ceramic print
Sandra Balnik, Lithoz
3D printing of surgical equipment in low and middle income countries
Jenny Dankelman, TU Delft
Establishment of Point of Care – 3D Print Lab at St Olavs Hospital, Norway – our experience so far
Jan-Magne Gjerde, St. Olavs Hospital Trondheim



10:30-11:00 Round table: What it takes to implement successful in-hospital 3d printing?
F. Moscato, G. Kronreif, Z. Major, J. Jaspers, T. L. Iles, P. Oris



11:00-11:30 Coffee Break


11:30-13:00 Session 6: Medical device implementation and clinical translation
Chairs: John Vanden Dobbelsteen, TU Delft and Gernot Kronreif, ACMIT
Compliant 3D printed surgical instruments
Costanza Culmone, TU Delft
Additive Manufacturing for patient-specific spinal cord
Joris Jaspers, UMC Utrecht
Patient-specific sacrum implants
Sharam Janbaz, TU Delft
How patients and surgeons benefit from 3DP implants and guides in CMF surgery
Martin Herzmann, Kumovis
3D printed centrifuge: diagnostic device for Neglected Tropical Disease, Schistosomiasis
Gyoung Van, TU Delft
Testbed for flow analysis using 3D-printed models of individual nasal sinuses
Dietmar Rarolf, MedUni Wien
Better prepared orthopaedic surgeons with Point of Care 3D-printing
Jan-Magne Gjerde, St. Olavs Hospital Trondheim


13:00 Closing Remarks
14:00 Guided tour at the “Pathologisch-anatomische Sammlung im Narrenturm”
  Please book the guided tour separately by choosing an additional ticket within the registration process of the M3d+it.


Additive Manufacturing in Medicine 2nd Symposium
December 6 2019, 1:00 – 6:00 pm
Hörsaalzentrum, Medical University of Vienna,
Vienna General Hospital
Hörsaal 5, Level 8

Design of Medical Devices Europe 2019
December 7, DMD Workshop – 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Hörsaalzentrum, Medical University of Vienna,
Vienna General Hospital
Hörsaal 5, Level 8