Schrempf Andreas

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria 
Research Center Linz 
Center of Excellence Medical Engineering /TIMed Center 
Media Interaction Lab 

Andreas is a full professor for Biomechanics and Computer Modelling and Simulation at the Department of Medical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and leads the Research Group for Surgical Simulators Linz (ReSSL). His research interests concern modelling and simulation in biomechanics, surgery and biomedical engineering as well as system identification and control theory. 

Title of Talk 
Hybrid Surgical Simulators: Application of 3D-Printing, Results and Requirements 

Hybrid Surgical Simulators combine the advantages from the physical and virtual world respectively. A patient phantom provides realistic haptic perception and allows to use the real surgical instruments, where a computer simulation extends this phantom with instrument tracking, 3D visulatisation and simulated imaging. Thus this special kind of simulators are a promising training modality for different surgical interventions. This talk presents different examples of developed hybrid simulators which benefit from the developments in 3D-printing, discusses already achieved results and requirements for future applications.