Vitale-Brovarone Chiara

Politecnico di Torino 
Applied Science and Technology Department 

Prof. Chiara Vitale-Brovarone, Full Professor in Materials Science and Technology at the Department of Applied Science and Technology, Politecnico di Torino where she leads the IRIS group (Improving Regeneration by Intelligent Scaffolds, The group research interests are mainly related to the development of innovative materials ranging from the macro to the nanoscale (3D-scaffolds, micro and nanoparticles, resorbable fibers, injectable cement and smart surfaces with osteoproductive, antibacterial and biomolecule release properties) and to 3D scaffold biofabrication for biomedical and energy applications. 

She has coordinated the EU-funded projects (BIORESS, MOZART and MATCH that has been awarded by the Commission as Success Story). At present, she is coordinating the H2020 projects GIOTTO,, she is the Principal Investigator of the ERC grant BOOST, and of the GRACE project funded by the Italian Minister for Research (FARE Ricerca in Italia) 

Title of Talk 
Active ageing and osteoporosis: the GIOTTO project approach 

Osteoporosis (OP) is a systemic, degenerative disorder that increases the bone fracture risk. This talk will give an outlook of the H2020 GIOTTO project ( that aims to face this bone degenerative pathology developing prototypes for the treatment of different types of osteoporotic fractures. Biofabrication techniques such as extrusion-based 3D printing and direct-writing electrospinning, will enable device customization. Smart nano-biomaterials (e.g. mesoporous glass particles, ion doped nano-hydroxyapatites, superparamagnetic iron oxides nanoparticles) able to release chemical and biological cues will be used to stimulate bone regeneration while reducing bone loss. These smart nano-biomaterials will be used in synergistic union with an active biomolecule (ICOS-Fc) able to inhibit osteoclast activity.